Homemade Dental Bridge

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You can replace your missing teeth with a homemade dental bridge that you make yourself from a durable, natural looking, non-toxic, biodegradable, polymer.  By following the instructions, virtually anyone can make a realistic, functional bridge that will match their own teeth. Two areas of lost teeth may be repaired by using a one piece compound bridge (as seen in the above photo and the lower left image). The material is easy to work with and if your first attempt isn’t exactly what you want you can use the same material over again. There is no waste. It doesn’t take long to master the procedure and get the results you are looking for. If you are reading this you have been investigating your options about how to make your own dental bridge/replacement teeth. This site offers what you have been looking for.

269 X 169 SGL300 X 169 DBL

The image on the left is a compound bridge made for two areas of missing teeth. The image on the right is for replacing just the two teeth in front. Both are snap in place bridges that are functional for eating as well as being cosmetic. Both bridges were tinted to match the color of the model’s permanent teeth . The bridge on the left is the one used in the banner image at the top of this page. There are only five steps and they all fit on one page.  No molds or additional forming materials are required. The instructions easily walk you through tinting and shaping the material into a bridge that looks as good as the example shown here. Other people can’t tell you have a bridge. You can tint it any shade you choose to match your own teeth, ranging from white to as dark as you need. Bridges can also be made for molars. The image below is a different perspective of the same two bridges.


These two bridges were made for the individual in the banner images at the top of the page. They met the needs he had. Everyone will have unique needs and bridge configurations. What we can assure you is that if a dentist says a bridge they make will work for you, then a bridge you make with this product will work too.


This is the least expensive and easiest way to make your own partial plate bridge/replacement teeth. With the proper supporting permanent teeth the bridge will snap into place and can be used for eating. If you don’t have permanent teeth to support the bridge for eating the material can be used just for looks by forming to the gums. Either way, functional or cosmetic, you will love the results this new product offers. Each kit contains instructions and enough materials to make several bridges. It’s fast, easy, inexpensive, and safe.


We have a simple website to sell a simple, inexpensive product. It may be simple but it really works and is a great way to improve how you look and how you feel about your lost teeth. You may eventually find a more permanent solution with dental implants or a permanent bridge, but until then, this product will give you relief from the embarrassment and eating problems that come from missing teeth.
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Homemade Dental Bridge