Homemade Dental Bridge


If you need to make a dental bridge for a single missing tooth, two, three, or all the way up to a complete dental plate, (see our “COMMENTS” page for examples) this is for you. If you need a flipper for your child, if you have broken teeth you need to cap over, if you need a temporary eating surface for any teeth you are waiting to have permanently fixed, this is for you.
We have been in business for ten years and have thousands and thousands of satisfied customers. There’s a myriad of companies out there that offer bridge building kits. Our customers tell us tales of failures and disappointment with them. The one thing they say that sets us apart and way ahead of these other companies is our instructions and accompanying materials. That is why our success rate is so high. Only about one in two hundred sales result in a refund because the customer just can’t get it. That is our 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied at work.
The material and process we use allow you to make a finished bridge that matches the size, shape, and color of your own teeth. A bridge that snaps firmly into place and can be used for eating everything your natural teeth let you eat. No dental glues are required. In these cases you usually need anchor teeth at each end of the missing tooth gap, although, some customers have even achieved a function bridge anchored other ways (see our Comments page for examples). Plus, the bridge will stabilize your adjacent permanent teeth to keep them from drifting. I also provide you with the way I personally use to seal the finished bridge to block the food and drink staining that plague other company’s products.
You will make your bridge from a single non-toxic, durable plastic by following five simple steps. It doesn’t matter which teeth you have missing. As you learn bridge making from the instructions and through trial and error you can reuse the same batch of material from your first attempt over and over again. Nothing is wasted. Most customers have their perfect bridge in 3 or 4 tries. Again, see our COMMENTS page for pictures and “how they did it” examples.
Each kit contains full instructions, encouragements, insights, and tips, plus enough material to make several 2 to 4 tooth bridges. There are no molds of additional materials to buy. The kit is complete. If you have any questions choose the “Contact-Us” page. We promise to give you a fast response.

For your privacy the kit’s return address will be from:                      H.M.D. Bridge   not   HomeMade Dental Bridge.                                                  

This site offers you a product that will give you relief from the embarrassment and eating problems that have caused your suffering. A bridge so natural other people won’t be able to tell which of your teeth are real and which ones are not. It’s fast, easy, inexpensive, and safe. We Guarantee It. Order the kit today and get ready to start smiling again.



269 X 169 SGL300 X 169 DBL

The image shown (left) is a compound bridge made for two non-adjacent spaces of missing teeth and is the one used in the banner image at the top of this page. The image on the right is for replacing just two teeth in one gap. Both are snap in place bridges that are functional for eating.



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