Homemade Dental Bridge


You can replace your missing teeth with a homemade dental bridge made from a durable, natural looking, non-toxic polymer. By following the instructions virtually anyone can make a realistic, functional, and/or cosmetic bridge that will match their own teeth. Two gaps of lost teeth may be filled by using a one piece compound bridge (as seen in the lower left image) or just for one gap (as seen in the lower right). You will make a custom bridge for your own specific needs no matter which teeth you have missing. The entire bridge is made from one material. It doesn’t take long to master the procedure and get the results you are looking for. If you have been searching for a way to make your own dental bridge you don’t have to look any further. This site offers what you have been looking for. We Guarantee It. Don’t suffer any longer from embarrassment and eating difficulties. Order the kit today and get ready to start smiling again.


269 X 169 SGL300 X 169 DBL

The image shown (left) is a compound bridge made for two gaps of missing teeth and is the one used in the banner image at the top of this page. The image on the right is for replacing just two teeth in one gap. Both are snap in place bridges that are functional for eating. No dental glues are required. Both bridges were tinted to match the model’s permanent teeth.
The images below are closeups of the same two bridges seen above. Of course your bridge will look different than these because you have different teeth missing. However, your bridge will look every bit as natural and realistic as these examples. View our “COMMENTS” page to see all the success our customers have had and the bridges they have made. Some have actually made a complete full denture from this method.


There are only five easy steps to the process. No dental glues, molds, or additional forming materials are required. You will make the entire bridge from a single material. The instructions will easily walk you through tinting and shaping the material into a bridge that looks as good as the examples shown here. Other people won’t be able to tell which of your teeth are real and which ones are not. The material can be tinted to match your own teeth from white to any shade you need. The process works for front teeth and molars, top or bottom. Plus you can span gaps and cover over broken partial teeth and posts. 
This is the least expensive and easiest way I have found to make a homemade dental bridge. Each kit contains complete instructions, tips and encouragements, and enough materials to make several multi-tooth bridges. It’s fast, easy, inexpensive, and safe. If you have any questions, choose the “Contact-Us” page in the menu at the top of this page. We will give you a fast response to any concerns or questions you have.
You may ask if this really works and wonder if you should trust us and our product. We can only say we guarantee that the product does everything we say it does or receive a full, no questions asked refund. We have been in business over 12 years and have an excellent rating with PayPal and our satisfied customers. What this kit provides is a great way to improve how you look and how you feel about your missing teeth. Don’t wait any longer. Order the kit today and see what our other customers have found: “A process that really works”.

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