I am thrilled with your product. It is extremely easy to work with and has produced great results. I have had tremendous bone loss in my lower jaw and so my teeth have been very loose for quite some time. Two have fallen completely out. The new bridge has even helped to stabilized several other of my teeth that are very loose. I have been to many dental specialists and they all suggest a bone graph in my jaw and dental implants. That is not a solution I am willing to suffer through. I found you just this week and the material you sent came in just two days and today I have a new tooth and a grand outlook on life again. I have attached before and after pictures. Thank you for the excellent product and superb customer service Ken.

Best wishes from here in France. I lost my full mouth top denture in an accident last year and a replacement was not covered by insurance. This left me with three teeth at the front and one well worn molar on the back left. Having got a good colour match per your instruction sheet I managed the full mouth plate in one go just leaving the gaps to fill with teeth. These took several attempts dipping, moulding and setting but eventually got there and I did not have to melt it all and start again at any stage. I am so pleased to say that I have now a full top denture with 9 teeth and it fits snugly, the final result is just fantastic.  I would recommend anybody to try your product before thinking about going to a dentist and incurring huge costs. Thanks so much Ken and I can now smile fully, which is something new after over a year maintaining a rather glum face. Best wishes for your future success.


I am so pleased I found this option. I will be getting dentures, but I live in a rather remote area and they were somewhat amused at the thought they could provide a temporary bridge or a flipper. According to them, I should be delighted to run around toothless until next October. Not happening! thanks to you. This is really an terrific service you are providing, I am really happy with my new bridge, so thanks very much.


I must have had some good karma coming my way or something by stumbling across this site. I’ve remade my bridge a few times and each time it gets better and better. I’ve shown friends and they can’t even believe that I made it myself! You can’t tell the bridge from my regular teeth. I am so grateful for this site. My husband even had a tooth that he had pulled a few months back that he asked me to make a bridge for! It came out great as well. Sending my endless”thank your” your way.

Hello! First I want to thank you for shipping the kit out so quickly. You MUST KNOW that when missing teeth occur, especially in a woman, she doesn’t leave the house! I had used other methods previously for one missing tooth! But alas! When the pivotal tooth came out, the space was too large. It didn’t take me long tonight to shape a piece large enough to fill the gap.
This is a niche market! But I’m telling you, it is one of the most important niche markets there is! Thank you so much!!!! And remember! Your expedient shipment of this emergency material is well worth your effort to a customer! You automatically must realize that anybody ordering from your site is in deep trouble! So thanks again . . . and just know that YOU ROCK! Sincerely, S.

Hi, firstly i would like to say that i am delighted with your product and how versatile the material is. After 5 attempts i managed to make a 10 tooth upper denture that looks great. Being a regular smoker i have ended up with a greenish color covering my plate. Can the product be stain protected? Hope you can help. FYI i only have 2 central front lower teeth so i will be making a lower denture to complete my mission so i will keep u updated. Cheers and thanks, Ca.

Ca, Look on the “Tips and Encouragement” sheet. You will find the way I personally use to seal the bridge and prevent any staining. Great job on the bridge and thanks for the images.


Thank you sooo much for this product! I have no problem sounding like an echo in saying, ” you’ve made it possible for me to smile in public, and feel like my old self again!” I made 3 units the same day they arrived and haven’t stopped talking since! I have before and after pictures If you want.


Dear Ken, You and you’re product are a lifesaver. It works. Amazing, just amazing. I followed your directions and it is not that hard, at least for what I needed. You have the only product, as far as i know, that is exactly what I was looking for. I have two missing teeth next to each other in the top front and there are other products to temporarily fix one missing tooth, but not two in a row like what I needed, until I came across your site. You had EXACTLY what I needed. My situation is as follows; I am getting married on sept 27, 2014 and dropping 3000 dollars weeks before my wedding seems impossible. I just needed something to get me through the big day, and i was desperate. Like I said earlier, I saw a lot of products for a single missing tooth, but nothing like I needed. Then I ordered your kit, and followed the directions, and boom instant satisfaction. People talking next to me can’t even notice until I tell them what I did. They are amazed. I only planned on making a couple bridges to get me through the wedding day, but these things are so durable, Ive been wearing them everyday with comfort. I still can’t believe it. Thanks a million again, you have no idea how much you have helped me. Here is a picture of my bridge.


I can not thank you enough. I was missing 3 teeth at the front, bottom of my mouth. A couple years ago I had gone to a denturist and had a partial plate made. It looked good…it was expensive. Was fine when I got it but started hurting more and more. In January I had a stroke. I often just took it out and set it beside me at home because I just couldn’t stand it being in my mouth. I only put it in when someone came over. At least I did until my puppy ate it. So there I was…no teeth, no money and after the stroke…no confidence. It took a few days, but I found your product on the internet. I figured it couldn’t hurt, I was at the lowest point I had ever been at. The stuff came in fast and I wasted no time making my teeth. It took a bit, probably an hour or two, but they looked awesome. Better still…they felt WAY better than the ones the puppy ate. A few days later I took them out overnight and since I was already in bed, I set them on my night stand. And yes, when I woke up in the morning, my puppy had my teeth yet again. But, instead of it sinking me into the depth of despair…I picked them up, threw them in hot water and started again. Within half hour, not only did I have another set of teeth…I had a BETTER set of teeth! And, used the old chewed up teeth to make them. It just doesn’t get any better than this. If/when I get back to work…I won’t be replacing my teeth. I’m beyond happy with what I have! Thank you.



Just dropping a note to say that your product works. I made a bridge to fill in a gap left by 2 missing teeth in my lower jaw. The result is amazing (see attached pics). I can bite with it. Best of all, it can be molded easily to fit any gap all in the comfort and convenience of one’s home without having to go to the dentist and paying large sums. The product can be molded over and over again until the best and most comfortable fit is achieved. My dentist had recommended that I got all my teeth extracted and replaced with full dentures. Needless to say I have not gone back to him. As requested, attached is a pic of the bridge by itself. One can see that it is not like those made at the dentist. In fact it is irregular. But that’s the beauty of it. It matches my other teeth (which are irregular by the way) nicely. I wouldn’t want a perfect-looking professional bridge that stands out unnaturally next to my imperfect teeth!


Great product. Had to try it a few times but then it went easy. As you can see in the pictures this has changed my life. I had put up with the way it was for a long time. I wish I had found out about this stuff a couple of years ago. Thank you so much.


IMGS 1-2IMGS 3-4This was very easy to do, the dentist wanted to charge me 2000.00 per tooth for a bridge, I did it for just 24.95 Now I can smile without feeling like I’m being judged.  Thank you so much


DONNA DBL FINALExample of compound bridge replacing two teeth separated by the front top two teeth. The bridge is all one piece supported by the adjacent teeth. It snaps into place and is fully usable for eating. Donna made her first bridge easily right out of the box after just 2 tries. It should be noted that there is no waste, you can reuse the same material. She used the same material in the first attempts as she did in the final bridge. Thank you for the images Donna.


AR FINAL DBL01I Can not believe how incredibly easy this is to use! I don’t have to cover my smile with my hand anymore. I eat and drink and go on with life as usual. This was a miracle fix for me! I have shared this with friends and family members and we are all astonished at how natural our teeth look. Love love love this! Can not thank you enough for giving me back my confidence. Andrea


LOWER BRDG BEFORE 01LOWER BRDG AFTER 01lower bridge scaled01I couldn’t believe it. I made a whole bottom denture out of this. You told me in the email that you felt a whole denture could be made. Well here are pictures of it.




Dear Ken, I received your package in the mail a few days ago and I am so pleased. It was a little hard at first to figure out just exactly how to shape my tooth, but once I realized that I could just add to and reform, it was a breeze. I want to thank you so much for bringing this idea to people that cant afford or are terrified of going to the dentist(i am raising my hand at the moment). Once again I can smile out in public and even take family pictures, now with a smile I can be proud of!  I have enclosed a few pics of before and after and a couple of the single tooth bridge I made. It still either needs a tiny bit of tinting or maybe now I can get my own teeth whitened. Thank you again kind sir!!! Gregg
Gregg, I gotta say you built quite a bridge. Usually customers don’t go the extent of support that you did. I’ll bet it is really secure. Thanks for the images. Ken


REBECCA FINAL 01I would like to say that I am so pleased and thankful for this invention to fill in a blank space between teeth when a tooth is lost.  I bought the materials for making a tooth over a year ago when I knew my first molar on the upper left side cracked and was on its way out.  It didn’t fall out totally for a year, so I didn’t do anything with what I bought from you.  I also got estimates for bridges and implants, all into thousands of dollars.  I can chew and eat just fine without the tooth, but have a concern of other teeth shifting and moving into the space.  I made a tooth from the material and it pops in and out  Also I keep it brushed and the blank spot in my mouth brushed too so no cavities will develop.  I am so thankful for this inexpensive solution!  Before purchasing I corresponded via email in regards to my questions, so that was very nice too, that someone cared and was there to help.  Feel free to publish this with just my first name and you can edit/spell check it and or ask me questions for clarification.  Thank you so much for your work and website and for this possibility as an answer to a lost/missing tooth. Rebecca


Great product! I made 8 teeth and I’ve since modified them to where they look even better! I’m sure I and some friends will be buying more! Not that all my friends are toothless!!! HAHA! Thanks again, Roger.

This customer made an eight tooth bridge!! He had only one tooth on top. This just goes to show that the only limits are your imagination.


IMG 01IMG 02IMG 03IMG 04

I was thrilled with your product. It was even better than expected! In a few minutes after receiving the package and reading the simple instructions, I had dyed and shaped my first tooth. It was so great that I made a second. I like the second better (practice improved my artistry!) so I keep the 1st one in my purse as a backup in case I ever forget and leave the house without my bridge in. I eat with it in place too. It is accomplishing more than just an improved appearance, it also helps keep my teeth in their alignment. I have started telling everyone about this product! Thank you so much! Britt



Hi ken,  I’m a 38 year old mom of two with a horrible fear of the dentist. A few years back I bit down on a piece of candy and broke off my eye tooth. I managed to get myself through a dental appointment and was fitted with a flipper. It was so ill fitting that it broke off my next tooth! That was it. I’m done with the dentist! Being a mom of two very active children, I knew that I needed to do something to fix this awful gap in my mouth. I am afraid to cheer for my kids and even smile. Your kit has been a God send for me. The color isn’t perfect because I started using a whitening toothpaste now that I can smile again! I would recommend this kit to anyone!! Thank you so much, Ken, for changing my life!  It’s been so long since I’ve smiled and now I can’t stop. Many thanks, Janel


img Bimg Aimg Dimg CBRIDGE003

Hey Ken, just wanted let you know that I received your kit. It took me a few tries to get a workable (for me) technique down, once that was done, easy peasy! I’m a heavy smoker and my teeth are quite stained. I was able to match up the color easily.  I have been making my own front teeth for a couple of years using bakeable clay, but never again!!! I did cheat somewhat by using a dremel tool for final shaping. Not perfect but I am very happy with my first attempt!!!!  Enclosing some pictures. Thanks again, Stephen



This is a great product. It took me some time but I finally got it. I wasn’t realizing I could use the same bridge to fine tune. I kept making new ones when they didn’t turn out well. Ann
Ann, Yeah, that’s the nice thing about the material, it’s reusable. Thank you so much for the great pictures. Ken



Thank you Ken,   This sounds such a great idea. I was shocked recently at the cost of having a bridge made by a dentist here in UK. I wouldn’t mind as much if the original tooth had not cracked and needed extraction due to their negligence. A bridge was priced at $800 and an implant at $4500!   Best Wishes Phil
 Hi Ken,  Many thanks for the kit and instructions. I made a bridge as per your instructions and it was a cinch! Please see attached pictures. It has made a big difference to me as I no longer bite my tongue and cheek as my bite is correct. Plus I no longer have a slur when I speak. A small price for such a big change!  Thank you once again J Phil



Here are my results. Very pleased. I can’t believe I ever paid so much before.
One dentist even returned my money telling me I can’t be fitted.



Dear make your own bridge folks:
About four months ago, I ordered from you the materials to make my own bridge. I have to tell you that this has really enhance my quality-of-life. Before I received these materials, I was missing 3 teeth on my upper left hand side and three teeth on my lower right hand side. I had nothing left to chew with. So, I was relegated to soft foods. I ordered these materials to make my own bridge primarily for the functional purposes of chewing rather than for aesthetics because as you can see, my missing teeth don’t really show up when I just speak or smile. But they have really served the function well of enabling me to once again chew solid food. I can now eat just about anything. I am once again enjoying hamburgers, chicken, pizza, prime rib and yes, even steak.
Just recently, on my lower left side, I lost a replacement tooth put in by dentist some years back.   So I made another bridge for that tooth on my lower left which not only takes care of that gap, but it also covers a couple of front teeth, which are badly cupped. Now with the bridge for the upper left and the smaller bridge for the lower left, things are working even better and taking even less maintenance.
Overall, as I said, this has tremendously enhanced my quality of life, relative to eating.  Thank you.  The dentist, quoted me $1300 each for the two bridges on my left side, which to date, have cost me $30.  I suppose that at some point, I should save my pennies and try having some serious dental work done, like when I win the lottery.  Ha ha.  But for now, this is working just fine. Can’t beat that.



I’m glad someone thought of this. It’s material like a mouth piece if you have used one. But this gives you the opportunity to mold your own. Not that difficult but this is my first one so not too bad I am glad that it can harden hard and if you mold it to other teeth it really holds good…. Without dental glue. Happy with this product for it not being professionally done by a dentist.


BEFORE 000AA 10010A

The beads arrived in the mail last week and within 30 minutes, I had created 2 replacement teeth that look and feel great!  I had been to several dentists, all who told me I needed extensive oral surgery to shave down the lower tori bone before they can make me a new bridge. My husband said that my homemade bridge looks better than his $400 bridge from the dentist! I am thrilled and have told friends about homemadedentalbridge.
Photos attached.



This worked great for my molar I had extracted. I kept the tooth and once I had cut it down I imbedded it into the bridge material . It took a couple tries but I finally got it just right to where it snaps down between the teeth on either side. I can eat with it just fine. Thanks Ken.


I received your product in the mail today and have already made the first of several partials that I will be able to make from this kit. After just a few tries, I had almost exactly what I wanted. I can smile with my mouth open for the first time in about 12 years! Thank you so much for a great product that helps those of us who can’t afford dentures, partials or implants!
Hi, I just like to say this idea for bridge is brilliant and worked really well my friends are amazed by it, it looks so natural. So thanks its wonderful. Lyn
To: Ken at Homemade Dental Bridge
Hi again Ken.  My boyfriend is still in the United Arab Emirates on his business trip and he might be having an extended stay.  We will get you the before and after pictures as promised, but he wanted to send you a text endorsement for now because your product is amazing! Erikka
Ken, “I am a consulting metallurgist and received an incredible job offer over seas. I understand how first impressions can really affect such a situation.  I don’t have the best teeth and just 2 weeks before flying out I broke out two of my front teeth on a Christmas candy baked by my girlfriend.  I was shattered.  No money or time to get this fixed at the dentist.  While web searching for some solution I found Ken’s site.  I was not really convinced, but it was low cost and fast and I was very desperate.  I’m so glad I did.  Before sending off the money, my girlfriend emailed Ken and his prompt and kind response helped us feel better about ordering.  The product came quickly with easy instructions. I even had enough to make two bridges just in case.  I need nothing to hold the bridge in and i can talk and eat without anyone knowing anything.  My consulting job may move to something more permanent, my skills and knowledge have made it happen, but I really feel that my new smile courtesy of Ken got me in the door.  Thanks so much.” Mike S.  Thanks Ken.  Have a wonderful day.
Hello, I received your kit and I just wanted to say thank you! It worked perfectly and is exactly what I was looking for. I can enjoy chewing on that side of my mouth again! Will definitely order again when the product wears out. Joe

I am very surprised your product molded over the preps. I was very skeptical that they could do this Please accept my thanks and do not refund my purchase with pay pal as I asked. I am grateful for the relief your bridge is providing when I can no longer wear the fractured bridge. It is a good product and I am glad I decided to believe you and do it. I would recommend this replacement to all requiring an alternative, until they are able to get one. Again, my sincere thanks for your quality product.
Kind Regards, Kim

Ken, material received. Just made my first bridge. Still need to fine tune. I am 65 and teach real estate classes part time, and lost a couple of bottom front teeth which caused a lisp and didn’t look the greatest either. Can’t afford the dentist. Definitely think this will be okay as a temporary fix.
Thanks, Ted